Dads & Grads Gift Packs

Dads & Grads Gift Packs

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Details - It's Dads & Grads Season!  And we have gift packs for both to make it easy for you to grab & go.  Whether it's a Farm Table Pick Up or Free Shipping over $35, we want to make it as easy as pie for you to shop from home! We have lots of options... Check out the descriptions and then choose your favorite from the drop-down box.  We will take care of the rest.

Sampler Pack - If he doesn't know yet what he's missing, treat him to a Sampler Pack of these oh-so-wonderful goat's milk products.  Pack includes one each: Dynamic Duo (Detox/Caeden's Choice half-bar combo), Sample Size Palm Balm, Three Travel Bars (Spiced Mahogany, Sandalwood & Sexy Beast) $22.

Love That Beard, etc.- Whether your guy has a beard to shave or a beard to groom, this pack will work great for both! Our Beard Buster Soap makes a great shaving soap to condition the face and the beard, or a fantastic beard grooming soap to make that beard absolutely fabulous!  Pack includes one each: Beard Buster Goat's Milk Soap, Beard Oil, Sexy Beast Body Bar, Massage Oil  $36.

"Man Hands" - Is your guy the rugged outdoor-sy type who loves to backpack, work on cars, chop wood and leap tall buildings in a single ound? Well then... we have everything he needs to restore that rugged self of his at the end of the day.  Pack includes one each: Man Hands Goat Milk Soap, 2 oz. Palm Balm, Detox Body Bar, Lavender Massage Oil, Pucker-Up Lip Balm  $37.

Guys Love Soap Too! - Typically what happens when a guy first comes to the farm with his wife/girlfriend/sister/grandmother, etc. who is shopping for soap, they say they aren't interested in getting any soap...  Fast forward to a few weeks' later.  He has now commandeered the soap that was purchased from said female, used it all, and wants to know when she is going back to get more.  The Man is hooked. This pack is for him. Pack includes one each: Detox Body Bar, Caeden's Choice Facial Bar, Sexy Beast, Spiced Mahogany, Sandalwood. $42.