Dead Sea Salt Scrub
Dead Sea Salt Scrub
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Dead Sea Salt Scrub

$ 10.99


Refresh your skin with the amazing minerals from the Dead Sea with our Dead Sea Salt Scrub.  Using pure, all-natural Olive Oil and Lavender Essential Oil, we have put together an incredibly wonderful skin-nourishing scrub to add one more weapon in your home-spa arsenal.  Why spend hundreds of dollars at a spa when you can pamper yourself whenever you want to for a whole lot less!!  Rejuvenate yourself with a bit of exfoliation with the salt, and then nourish with olive and essential oils.  (Sigh) Pat dry after your bath and then let the oils sink in after you wrap yourself up in your favorite fluffy robe and slippers and curl up with your favorite book.  The tingly softness that follows will make you very smiley :-)


  • Dead Sea Salt
  • Organic Olive Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Net Vol. 7.0 oz

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