Go the way of the Goat

Grateful for You!


We LOVE the holidays because we can step out of our everyday “race,” to truly enjoy time spent with family. From Thanksgiving until New Year’s, we would like you to join us in an attempt to slow down and be grateful for your loved ones.


 Every now and then we get the opportunity to celebrate thanksgiving at my cousin’s home. As all of our family members continue to age, we realize that it is important to get together when we can.

We are thankful for our family, friends, and loyal customers. Without all of you our dream of having a business would not be possible.

As we continue down our path we want to always remember the people that always believed in us.

 We are thankful for you! Yeah you! Thank you for taking the time to read this and showing us love. We want to continue making quality products that everyone can enjoy.

From our family to yours we wish you all a great thanksgiving holiday and blessed Christmas season. May it be filled with food, family, and laughter. Take a moment of the day to slow down and remember that we all need to enjoy life and make amazing memories.

Remember to give thanks for your family and friends…

xoxo From the Basilwood Team


Clovis Flea Market

Clovis Flea Market is a hub of creative people that have one mission, to connect with our community. It is great to see other small businesses that are working hard to become successful. We feel honored to be apart of this great event and we love to see all of our loyal and new customers at this event. The environment at the Clovis Flea Market is great and customers are amazing.

Clovis Flea Market


We had a great time at the Clovis Flea Market interacting with all of our customers. Our number one task we have for each event is to create great customer service for each person that comes into our booth. We want to make everyone feel comfortable as they are looking at our products. The most important thing to us is all of you because you all have helped to support our dreams of being a successful business.

clovis flea market

clovis flea market 

We truly appreciate our community and all of the support that you all have given us. Participating in the Clovis Flea Market gives us the chance to improve as a business and work towards creating a community of loyal customers. There is a need for more kind people and we are here to show you all that a simple smile can go a long way. We view all of you as family and we truly do care about all of our customers.

clovis flea market


The Clovis Flea Market is an outlet for us to show our community that customer service is important. So we encourage all of you to pass along a smile and remember to care for one another.     


What's in Your Wallet?

(Photo Credit: Mariano Friginal Photography)
We love traveling to different venues for events throughout the Central Valley and California with our totes filled with all things Basilwood.  It’s a great opportunity to meet customers face to face who may or may not know us.  Direct feedback is always wonderful for a small business as well.  It helps us to craft our product to meet the needs of those we want to serve.
Yesterday we had an event very close to home in Fresno for the LARCS which was held to benefit several non-profits they help support in our community.  One of the attendees was a sweet gal who had been to the farm with a group of friends for our Cheese, Please Workshop this summer!  
(Before you ask... Cheese, Please Workshops happen from April through August.  Dates will be posted for new classes after the first of the year on FB/Instagram & our website)
She totally won the Basilwood Farm Customer of the Month (possibly of the Year) when she pulled out her wallet to reveal her Driver’s License cavity had been filled with none other than our Basilwood business card! An adorable picture of Flicka sat staring at me. (Yes, our goats do have names, personalities & collars) 
Of course, these aren’t just any business cards.  These are cards filled with images of our adorable goat family (from moo.com), so it’s totally understandable why she would want to keep it there, right?!?
(Photo Credit: Mariano Friginal Photography)
Soooo, don’t like your Driver’s License picture? We have got you covered! Just toss that driver’s license into a hidden credit card space, and put a smile on your face every time you open your wallet. Several photos/cards to choose from too - LOL!
(There are WAY more than this... just wanted to give you an idea ;-)
That just blessed our socks off! We really do strive to put a smile on your face each day, and this definitely boomeranged right back at us yesterday. We love you people!
If you are in the Central Valley, here are a couple of great events to check out next weekend!
(Photo Credit: Pentax+Soap-Mariano Friginal Photography)
Friday 9-5, Saturday  9-5, and Sunday 11-3. 
4215 N. Wilson in Old Fig Garden
(NW corner or Ashlan & Wilson)
We call this show "Carmel in Fresno."
(Photo Credit: Teal Soap Line-up, Kayla Adams Photography)
A little further up the hill from Basilwood Farm is The Intermountain Nursery Harvest Arts & Peace Festival is in its 24th year celebrating the best of the Central Valley with Live Music & Dance, Art & Fine Crafts, Children's Activities, and Food & Vendor Booths!  If you have missed this event in the past, don't miss it again! The only charge is $1 per car for parking! Can't beat that!
Hours are Saturday 10-5 & Sunday 10-4
30443 N. Auberry Road, Prather, CA
See you Soon!!